Velvet Anti Skid Door / Floor Mat for Home

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  • This Elegant Door Mats is made from rich Velvet by master weavers with Anti Skid backing.
  • Velvet Door Mats Made from high quality Velvet fabric hence, this is durable & long-lasting
  • Protect your feet from hot & cold floor & enhance beauty of your room and kitchen also
  • Available in different prints and colors

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Our door mat specially refined with a blend of sturdy, non-slip rubber & highly-absorbable polypropylene. And they are designed with a decorative look and texture, perfect to coordinate with your style in your house. The dirt trapper door mat powerfully catch dirt so that it doesn't end up on your floors or in your carpets. It's great for scraping the sole of your shoes when you come back from the outside, keep your inside floor clean and new. Very convenient to clean the washable door mat. You can vacuum it or just directly throw it into the washing machine. Don't worry, it keeps looking new even after wash.

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