Toyvala 360 Degree Rotation Advanced Stunt Racing Car, RC Cars Flip, Stunt and Roll, Stunt Car Toy for Kids (Multicolor)

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery Operated, 5 Battteries
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Width x Height: 8 cm x 6 cm
  • Age: 3+ Years
  • A great remote control car for you child,perfect for birthday gift,party favor and you friends child's gift. This remote control car can easily complete 360-degree flip and 90 degrees upright walking. The remote control handle is designed to make the child feel more comfortable.which can exercise and improve the child's hands-on ability and attention. Perfect for parents and children to interact and communicate.Enjoy your family time. The remote control car not only can 360-degree flip and 90 degrees upright walking,but also a stunt car with rotation functions,it can be rotated 360 degrees on the ground. This remote control car/ RC stunt vehicle brought to you by is a unique control method that can well exercise a variety of abilities of your kids, such as attention, sense of space, and control ability, etc. Learning while playing, makes for a great gift. The car comes with an amazing 360 degree front wheel rotation designed to make it easy to flip and spin at any angles and perform cool stunt actions such as move forward, backward, front left reverse, right reverse, upright, etc. The car is made of high quality plastic and rubber, with a firm and durable car body which makes it more crash worthiness. Moreover, this RC vehicle is lightweight and the proper size to store and carry with, your kids can play it anywhere and anytime they like.

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