Tourmaline Natural Crystal Stone Bracelet for Reiki Healing and Crystal Healing Stones for Men and Women ( Black) | Chakra Reiki Bracelet | Black Bracelet | Gemstone Black Bracelet | Crystal Stone Bracelet | Sadar24

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  • Package Contains- 1 Bracelet 
  • Color- Black
  • Stone Name- Black Tourmaline
  • Reiki Healing Stone Bracelet for Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Best for Gifting & Personal Use. Charged By Reiki Grand Master & Vastu Expert.
  • Black tourmaline is one of the great crystals associated with clearing negativity of all kinds including electromagnetic energy. It grounds you and helps release stress.
  • Tourmaline quartz contains both tourmaline and quartz, often visibly separate, which brings in also some of the qualities of quartz such as aligning with your higher purpose and inner clarity.
  • It works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the heart center, harmonizing all aspects of one's being, bringing forth feelings of calmness and inner peace.
  • They also have protective energies and can be used to help clear negativity and bad energy.
  • Stylish Party-Daily-Office-Casual Wear Reiki Healing Stone Bracelet for Men, Women, Boys, Girls. Best for Gifting & Personal Use.

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