Poop Toilet Trainer Seat / Chair with Lid with High Back Support for Toddlers | Sadar24

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  • Safe use: Poop trainer is designed with smooth design and high back support gives maximum comfort to your baby while sitting / squatting. 
  • Light weight & easy to clean : The poop trainer is once finished after getting used by the babies can be easily cleaned & washed. The cover helps in preventing the germs being spread.
  • Poop training : Your child understand and learns to sit to do poop after a couple of training sessions .Toddlers are intelligent and quick to know what they need to do when sitting on the squatty poop
  • Portable: It is portable and can be packed, taken on trips. This helps the baby to sit on his/her own seat rather than the unhygienic places during travel. It can be conveniently stored after usage

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