( Pack of 5 ) 4S Spray Paint Remover 450ml

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  • Method of Use :-  Spray 4S Paint Remover on the surface layer to be stripped. A few minutes later, old paint layer film can be softening, wrinkle, blister and then fall off. Then wash off impurities, until their dry, may be re-use once for the special coating paints. And then water rinse, or with pairs of sandpaper and blade residues can be partially removed. That have been stripping the metal surface, surface treatment should be carried out before use.
  • Features :-  4S Paint Remover is formulated from the aromatic compounds with high solubility solvent liquid made with a strong ability to dissolve paint, paint stripping fast, can remove a wide range of types of coatings, and paint stripping easily after clean and without prejudice to re-paint. Applies in particular to self-dry alkyd, amino paint as well as some some low-temperature curing two-component epoxy and the removal of paint film. It has advantage of good paint-removing ability and easy operation. It can be used for automobiles, motorcycles, machinery, instruments and meters that require stripping on site.

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