( Pack of 5 ) 4S Chain Cleaner 450ml

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  • Chain Cleaner Spray is a cleaning and maintenance product specially designed for chains. It can effectively dissolve and remove the grease and colloid on the chain. After cleaning, it can leave a nano-level protective film on the surface of the chain to provide lubrication and anti-rust effect, so that the chain is in an efficient working state at all times.
  • Features: It specially designed for Bike Chain, Bicycle Chain, Rickshaw Chain and Karts .It’s Non-hazardous . It is specially made by chlorine- free formula. These product have great stability. Chain Cleaner Spray is highly durable..
  • Uses: It is mainly made for Motor Bike. It can be use Manual Tools and Electrical Tools. Chain Cleaner Spray is suitable for use in X-Ring and O-Ring Chains.
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