(Pack of 2 pcs) Fengshui Rat with Money Coins for Wealth Health and Prosperity

Price : INR279.00 /PACK
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  • Product contains- 1 Fengshui Rat & Money Coins (Set of 3)
  • Material-Bronze
  • Color-Golden
  • size 6x6X4 cm
  • Feng Shui, the wish-fulfilling Rat, often found sitting on a bed of coins or ingots, is used to fulfill and attract good descendant's luck, ensuring that your future generations will be prosperous.
  • This Rat brings successful business encounters, luck in investments, luck in stocks speculation, prosperity, wealth, abundance, success.
  • It brings prosperity and happiness in your life.This makes good gifts for childless couples whose wish is to have children. 
  • Ideal for show cases in homes or chidren room/table décor/car dashboards. Perfect for display on shelf of store.A nice gift.

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