( Pack of 12 ) Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Chopper, Knife, Meat Cleaver

Price : INR1,968.00 /pack
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  • INCREDIBLY SHARP - This knife is so sharp that it will cut right through tomatoes, Meat and other delicate vegetables without squishing or damaging its soft skin in the process.
  • It’s also ideal for creating paper-thin, even slices.
  • Ultra sharp edge sharpness is the most important to achieve the best cuts and this is evident in the knife's blade
  •  High carbon stainless steel is a rust resistant material that is strong and edge holding. The handle gives you lasting beauty, durability, stable dimensions, and protection from moisture.
  • This vegetable chef knife is easy to utilize lightweight and has a solid balance that can be used by anyone. The knife is very convenient to hold and its slim appearance makes it easy to maneuver.

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