(Pack of 10 Pairs) Designer Natural Round Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks, Size 9.5 Inch

Price : INR409.00 /Pack
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  • Material-Bamboo
  • Color-Brown
  • Set Includes 10 Pairs of Designer Bamboo Table Chopsticks.
  • Material Natural Bamboo easy to clean, durable and safe.
  • 100% Quality Guaranteed And Eco-friendly; Fresh Chinese Style.
  • Heat insulation of the chopsticks allows it to be used as a cooking tool as well as to eat really hot food.
  • Used for Eating Chinese and Japanese Foods, at Home or at the Restaurant.
  • Sleek, Round Bamboo Chopsticks are Sturdy and Well-Balanced.Chopsticks are 9.5 Inches Long and Have a Designer Base.
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