Mushroom Shape LED Magic Night Lamp Automatic Off/On Smart Sensor

Price : INR190.00 /piece
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  • Color-Multicolor
  • Material-Plastic
  • Power and Plug Description-Corded Electric
  • Light Source Type-LED
  • This LED lamp is ideal for soft night light, lamps and has an inbuilt automated sensor.
  • Automatic switch on in the night when there is darkness in the room.
  • There is soft illumination as well which is very beautiful.
  •  It consumes extremely low power, i.e. 0.5 watts saving energy while protecting the environment- so glow it all night.

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Feel comfortable and peaceful with the soothing colorful light of the mushroom-shaped color-changing LED light. Each color changes within 10 seconds. Two mushrooms in the lamp display warm white light while the third displays colorful lights. A finely crafted decor for your room. This has an automatically color-changing sensor that makes it ideal for use in various lighting conditions. It features a well-thought design that renders it great for decorative purposes. It consumes the lowest power possible hence environmentally friendly. Its warm and romantic glitter lights make it ideal for wedding and engagement room preparations. Add this cool and cute lamp to your bedroom and experience a unique feel.

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