Manners & Etiquette @ work place: What is Acceptable & What is Not

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  • Language-ENGLISH
  • Genre- Personality Development
  • ISBN- 9789350578773
  • Author-Seema Gupta
  • Book publication date-09-01-2017
  • Pages- 72
  • Color - B/W
  • Binding- Paperback
  • Edition-Latest Revised Edition
  • BIC CODE- JMS -The self, ego, identity, personality
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Behaving in the workplace with courtesy and respect is an essential element in the corporate world. To ensure proper etiquette, office manners must be observed at all times. Most of these conducts were introduced to us while we were still young. Still some of the things always need a reminder. Written by the well known author, psychotherapist and counsellor, Seema Gupta, this book is a complete guide on the correct manners and etiquette that a person should practice at all times, especially at workplace to develop an appealing personality. What should be the dress code and posture, his language, his way of greeting people, his conduct while working with his colleagues in office or at home, telephone manners, written communication, etc., all these and many more have been discussed by the author. By reading this book, you can learn the elements of polished mannerisms and etiquette that can impress people instantly and help you become a winner in whichever field you are in.! This book is a must for all those who aim to make it big in their lives and win everyone's heart.

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