Manage Your Problems - The Gopal Bhand Way: 71 Inspirational Anecdotes with Wise Lessons For Common Man

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  • Language-ENGLISH
  • Genre- Self Help/Motivationl/Inspirational
  • ISBN-9789381588550
  • Author- Vishal Goyal
  • Book publication date-07-08-2012
  • Pages- 264
  • Color - B/W
  • Binding- Paperback
  • Edition-Latest Revised Edition
  • BISAC CODE- SEL021000 SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational
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The book offers tales of wise men and their battles of wit during the medieval royal Bengal; stories of knotty problems with ingenious solutions and mind fertilizing anecdotes which not only inform, advise, enthuse, inspire and amuse but impart specific and terse wise lessons appropriate to the issues at point to 'Manage the Problems' neatly.The presentation of the book is unique as it can be read from any chapter, but still it will stimulate the reader - like a pealed banana, which can be eaten from any side, thus enjoying its sweetness. #v&spublishers

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