Lal Kitab: Most Popular Book to Predict Future Through Astrology & Palmistry

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  • Language-ENGLISH
  • Genre-Astrology/Palmistry/Vastu/Hypnotism etc
  • ISBN-9789357940832
  • Author- Ambika Prasad Parashar
  • Book publication date- 10-10-2015
  • Pages- 352
  • Color - B/W
  • Binding- Paperback
  • Edition-Latest Revised Edition
  • BISAC CODE-OCC002000 BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Astrology / General
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Lal Kitab is a unique book based on palmistry and Hindu astrology (Jyotisha). This book includes several new dimensions to simplify the complex concepts of human life. The most important feature of the book is that it explains in detail how some planetary positions of horoscope reflect in the lines of one's palm. While most other books on astrology offer remedies in the form of rituals or suggest wearing a particular gemstone, Lal Kitab offers quick and affordable remedies. The author lays emphasis on the good and bad effects of every planet. The book is packed with case studies to broaden the horizon and scope of the book. The book combines the best of astrology and palmistry to neutralize: Adverse and inauspicious effects of planets and consetellations Manglik Dosh Debilitating effects of Kalpserp Dosh and other planetary contradictions #v&spublishers

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