Krishna English Learner Educational Notebook / Laptop Toys For Kids (Blue)

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Latest Advance Laptop for Kids for Creative Learning English Learner Laptop for Kids Let them learn while they play with it. lots of learning without any stress A laptop shaped English teaching toy with an inbuilt LCD screen and sound instructions, key pad and an unique mouse control. Battery operated. STAGE 1 - LEARN ALPHABETS Alphabets recognition and pronunciation. Write capital and small letters. Find the letter, ( it will speak out the letters- which the child needs to punch in on the key board. STAGE II- WORDS Spelling and pronunciation. Spelling test Identification of pictures Find the word STAGE III - LEARNING NUMBERS Pronunciation and spelling of numbers Write the numbers Numbers identification ( Visual ) Number identification ( verbal ) STAGE 4 - LEARNING MUSICAL NOTES Play melodies Play musical notes Recognize musical notes ( visual and verbal ) STAGE 5- GAMES Catch falling objects Find the match pair Star shooting Draw a picture.

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