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The Vedic astrology states Venus is charming in nature, has a splendorous (highly attractive) physique, is excellent or great in disposition, has charming eyes, is poetic in nature, well versed in fine arts, music, windy disposition, and has curly hair. Venus adds sexual drive, eloquence, makes a person extremely luxurious and given to flair. Malefic or inauspicious Shukra will make the native lacking in libido and give sexual abnormalities, have no interest in good expensive things in life, lack of class and luxury, and will have a hard time appreciating fine arts. Benefic Venus associated with 2nd house or 2nd lord also gives rise to a good astrologer. Libido problems, erection issues, urine problems, and prostate/ovary issues, and doshas related to Kapha are common for those suffering from malefic venus, especially when it associates with Lagna or Lagnesha. The benefic aspect of venus in women makes them extremely charming in nature and makes them physically attractive. Venus being the natural karaka for sex and luxury, benefic venus makes the person extremely lustful whilst a malefic aspect makes the person lack libido, flair, and given to premature aging.

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