Jig Saw Lift Out Puzzles (Bunny Rabbit)

Price : INR218.00 /piece
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  • Material: Wooden.
  • Colour : As shown in picture .( Multi Coloured)
  • Dimensions: 22x30cm
  • Design : As shown in Pictures.
  • For children home /preschool use /Play school Puzzle.
  • Easy to remove and Fix puzzle with knob for learning, brain development with fun activity.
  • AGE group :2 - 5 Years
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This puzzle can be solved by using the puzzle pieces given. Ask your kids to see and memorize the complete image first and then you can pull out the puzzle pieces from the board easily using the knobs. These pieces made of wood and coloured with non-toxic paints can be fixed again on the same board by identifying the correct space given to finish the puzzle successfully. This puzzle is ideal for both boys and girls aged between 2 and 5 years and the dimensions of the puzzle are 22 x 30cm. There are many other small images given on the background to introduce your kids to them. From this single puzzle your kids will be able to learn a lot of things and at the same time they can improve their self-confidence, hand-eye coordination and knowledge.

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