Handmade Indian Metal Kalash Lota for Festival Puja

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  • Material-Metal
  • Color-Brown
  • Dimensions-9 X 9 X 12 cm.
  • The Pooja Lota is carved with intricate designs and unique patterns.
  • This brass Lota is used for religious activities, like Hindu puja. 
  • When used for Hindu worship. Kalash commonly used to store or transfer small amounts of like water, milk ,curd and ghee.
  • In an Indian home where occasions are plenty and rituals are elaborate with this Pooja Lota comes as a blessing.
  • Designed in a simple yet elegant manner, this Lota serves multi purpose use on all kinds of festivals or occasions.
  • These can be used for pooja on any occasion or can also be used as an important accessory of utensils.
  • Since it is manufactured using brass, it becomes easier to clean the after use and regular use does not affect its design and quality at all. 

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