Glass Holding/Breaking Plier & Professional Colorful Metal Handle Pencil Style Glass Cutter (Pack of 2)

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  • Carbide alloy cutting wheel, high hardness, and sharp cutting, more smooth cutting, can cut 5mm-15mm thickness glass, an ideal tool for stained glass, diamond, and minerals cutting.
  • This tool is used to make a shallow score in one of the surfaces of the glass that is to be broken to two pieces.
  • The scoring makes a split in the surface of the glass which encourages glass to break on the score.
  • Designed for comfort, durability, and performance. 
  • Round metal knocking head, Used for knocking glass after cutting or put it under the scratches of glass and split the glass.
  • Application of carbide scribe pen: a suit for making accurate fine lines on hardened materials like hardened steel, stainless steel, glass, etc.

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Glass holding/ Breaking pliers are specially designed in order to break the glass along with the score (the cut line by virtue of which glass breaks ). This facilitates easy usage and enhanced precision. This glass plier can be used to hold/break the glass of up to 3 mm thickness. Ergonomically crafted to Fit Perfectly in your hands without Fatiguing or Straining Your Hands. !

Features: 1. Applied to cutting stained glass and other craft and household use. 2.With antislip handle, for safety and comfortable grip 3.Glass cutting head is replaceable and can 360-degree rotate 4.Mini size,easy to carry around.

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