four fourty Number Bank Happy Storage- Auto Insert Bills-Notes, Piggy Bank, Cash Coin, Password ATM Money Box Children's Money Bank, Toy Banks, Automatic Bill and Coin Jar, Saving Pot with ultraviolet discern & password change function (Random Cartoon Designs- Minions, Hello Kitty & Panda etc.) (BLUE) Coin Bank (White, Blue)

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Style Hub brings you this money safe password piggy bank. Press 0000 to open this safe. Choose your own secret code. Keypad with lights. Option sound/voice. The light turns on when you open or close the door. The door squeaks when you open it. Requires 3 AA batteries. Product Specifications: Plastic Instruction Manual available inside for full details So gift your child this unique and attractive piggy bank that will encourage your kid to save money at an early age.

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