Flymaster Wooden Bat Base Serving Platter Sizzler Plate | Tray (Brown)

Price : INR525.00 /piece
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  • Perfect for Sizzlers, Baked veggies, Brownies, Exotic dishes , Grilled Fish, Fried rice, Stir-fry, Steak, Pizza, Fajita, Omelets, Pasta, Teriyaki and many more
  • Best suited for home, motels, hotels, restaurant, bar, kitchen, picnic, outdoor cooking, cooking, parties
  • Precaution after using iron plate: just wash it with hot water and scrub it with whatever you like. Dry it with a towel, and put it back on the burner. 

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Oval Shape Sizzler Plate with Bat shape Base, Approx. Wooden Base Size 15" x 7" and Approx. Iron Plate Size 9.5" x 6".Light weight and extremely durable available in different shape and sizes. Iron plated metal plate and wooden base. Impress your guests with these lovely cast iron plates, which are presented at table on wooden platters. Ideal for Indian dishes such as shaslik or kebabs or even traditional steaks and meats. Improve your table presentation with these serving platters.

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