Flymaster Cuboid Plastic Box Container - Pack of 12

Price : INR179.00 /pack
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  • Material- Polycarbonate
  • Color- Transparent
  • Item Dimensions- 21.9 x 9.5 x 9 Centimeters
  • Shape-Cuboid
  • Item Weight- 450 Grams
  • Opening Mechanism- Plastic Hook Lock system

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Medicines, tablets, jewelry, toys, stationery items, buttons, handkerchiefs, and other objects can all be stored in these versatile plastic boxes. The boxes are strong and long-lasting. And since the boxes are transparent, there's no need to open them to see what's within. The boxes are sturdy and durable. The boxes are transparent so there is no need to open the box to view the contents inside. These are multi-utility transparent plastic containers for storing different items.

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