Down & Feather-Fill Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

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  • Material-Feather
  • Color-Muticolor
  • Size:21 inch Hanging length,Width:6 inch.
  • Dream catchers, the popular Native American charms are hand woven with the intention of creating love and positivity, bridging art with divinity.
  • This attractive-looking dream catcher is intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through.
  • It is an artistic, colourful home decoration item that spreads happiness and optimism.
  • It is also very a beautiful and thoughtful item to gift to your loved ones.
  • These are hand woven by the women artists of India thereby supporting the artisans of India and women empowerment.
  • Along with the positivity that dream catchers bring with them, there is also the benefit of colour psychology.

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