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  • Waterproof & convnient to use.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Smudgeproof.
  • Long lasting upto 12 hours.
  • High shine and high coverage
  • Package Contains: Eyeliner, kajal & Mascara

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The eyeliner and mascara lines and defines with smooth, even Colour that looks fresh all day, it will provide your eyes stunning look. ood Choice India Provides you Branded ADS Mascara for Your perfect eyes need a perfect makeover. Beautiful eyes need something extra special. This jet-black Mascara adds a dramatic effect to your eyes by highlighting them brilliantly. Its intense black finish not only highlights your lashes but also adds definition to them. This curling mascara has a special Shade moisturiser that makes your lashes smooth and leaves them nourished all day long. For healthy lashes, you can use it regularly. This ADS mascara comes with a small curl brush that makes for easy application. It also gives you long and curling eyelashes in no time. With a smooth formula, it will not make your lashes sticky. You can also remove it easily at the end of the day with damp cotton.

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