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The Treasure Box 1:22 Scale 3D Light Famous Remote Control High Speed Racing Car Gear up your child for action-packed fun with this Super Remote Control Car from Toys. Watch your child joyously use the fully functional remote to move the car forward, reverse, left and right. The car is equipped with lights. Multi featured remote with forward and backward buttons functionality. Strong sculpted lines and bold design gives this car an exotic appearance. Design for Car Crash worthiness and Impact Resistant With advanced wear-resistance tire. Made of non-toxic and premium ABS plastic. The Perfect for Christmas gift, Diwali, Birthday gift, stocking stuffer or rewards. Key Features:- · Made From Durable Plastic Material Fully Functional Remote To Move The Car Forward, Reverse, Left And Right Car Is Equipped With Light. · Develops Eye Hand Co-Ordination, Car With Full Function Remote For Kids. · It Will Make Your Child Busy In Playing With This Super Racing Car Toy. · Remote Controlled Car With Flashing 3D Lights. Best Birthday Gift For Kids. 1.It is better to play this car on smooth ground. Keep it away from gravel ground or water. 2.Check if turn on the power switch( on the base of the car) before use. 3.Make sure to install the batteries in correct positive(+) and negative(-) polarities. 4.Ensure the distance between car and remote controller within standard distance. 5.Avoid obstacles between the vehicle and remote controller. Working distance: 33ft-45ft in outdoor / 16ft-33ft in the room .

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