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Good Choice India Provides You Me Now Branded Lip & Eyeliner Me Now Lip/Eyeliner gives you this super sharp and ultra-thin Eyestudio Hypersharp Liner in the shade Mult that helps you draw that precise and sharp line. Decorating your eyes with an eye liner can be a great way of embracing them. One of it is this Cameleon Liner that will flatter every woman’s eyes. The Impact Liner comes in a black shade to make your eyes look dramatic. The thinner the eyeliner, the bigger your eyelids appear, you can only get this look by using this Liner. One stroke of this rich and intense color will make your eyes look bold and attractive. You don't have to wait for this liquid eyeliner to dry, as it is fast-drying. The Fade-proof feature will keep your eyes beautiful throughout. You can wear this eye liner on a rainy evening for a walk with your loved one, as it is water-proof.

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