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BEST DISCOUNTED STONE Name Of Stone:-blue Sapphire Color Of Stone:-blue Origin of Stone:-Ceylon(Sri-lanka) Chemical Properties of Sapphire:-Al2O3 Hardness of Original Sapphire:-9 Specific Gravity:-3.99 CASH ON DELIVERY FACILITY AVAILABLE IN INDIA & AND SHIPPING FACILITY AVAILABLE AROUND GLOBE. Sources Of blue Sapphire:-There are many types of Sapphire in nature. Blue Sapphire is one of them. Sources Of Blue Sapphire is Bangkok, Thailand, Sri-lanka, Africa, and Kashmir. Natural Blue Sapphire is a rare and costly stone. Benefit Of blue Sapphire:-blue Sapphire stone is for Jupiter. Jupiter is one of the strongest planets. Blue Sapphire stone generally recommended for that person, who has problems related to career, luck, fortune & marriage. Blue Sapphire is highly recommended for the newly married male female individual for marriage life happiness. Note:-blue Sapphire instantly remove obstacle in marriage of the male-female individual. How to Wear blue Sapphire:-Blue Sapphire can be worn in Gold or Pancha dhaatu(Mix of 5 metal) on Thursday morning b/w 4 to 7(Brahma muhurat)

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