3.33 Ratti Pure IIGS Certified Oval Emerald Panna Astrological Gemstone |Semi Precious Stone | Gemstone

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  • 3.33 Ratti Pure Oval Green Emerald Gemstone.
  • Emerald strengthens Mercury (Buddh) which is a benefic planet.
  • It gives its wearer Intelligence, Wit and Quick Learning Ability.
  • It is also beneficial for business and trade, especially those which are related to communication, conveyance, connections and networks.
  • Emerald grants its wearer creativity and helps talented and artistic people achieve success.
  • It ensures the overall health and strength of the green coloured components of the human body that is nerves, veins etc.
  • Mercury (Buddh) is known as  the 'Agent of Speech' in Hindu mythology, hence Emerald bestows fluency, public speaking skills, confident voice and oratory upon its wearer.

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