32 Inch Matte Finished Carrom Board with Coins Striker and Boric Powder Large-32 Inch

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  • Dimensions-83 x 83 x 4 Centimetres
  • Color-Beige 
  • It is waterproof.
  • Carrom board with coin, striker, powder.
  • Matte Finish-GSI Matte Finish carrom board with the smooth matte finish are famous for their smooth playing surface and excellent re-bounce capabilities. At the board's back, has provided a sturdy reinforcement to enhance the flatness and prevent warping.
  • Cotton Pockets-GSI Gloss Finish carrom board has 4 soft cotton pockets.
  • Water Resistance-Excellent finish is provided using Matte Polish which provides water resistance and long life to the playing surface.
  • GSI Gloss Finish carrom board is made up of Assam plywood board and hard wood (Kikar) corners.

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