(1 Pair) Mini Oven Silicone Heat Resistant Mitts/Gloves/Potholder For Cooking & Baking

Price : INR343.00 /Pair
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  • The silicone oven mittens are a great kitchen accessory and necessary to have. It actually solved the problem that avoiding hands burned by pot or something hot.
  • It conforms to the gripping habit of the wrist, has a large internal space, and is convenient and comfortable to use.
  • No matter how the glove is pulled or twisted, it can be restored to its original state and can be reused.
  • Mitts will nest within each other for convenient storage or use double for extremely hot or cold items.
  • There are hanging loops on the side of the gloves, which can be hung and stored to avoid a messy kitchen. Easy to clean - Can be cleaned with a dishwasher

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