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A child's physical abilities are greatly impacted by puzzle play, which helps the youngster develop fine motor skills by coordinating their little muscles. In addition, writing, drawing, and learning to play an instrument are typically easier for kids who have acquired fine motor abilities. 

Children's hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness are also improved through holding and matching jigsaw puzzle pieces. In addition, it is possible to play sports and other activities that require coordination of the hands' actions, the brain's mental images, and what the eyes view.

Children who engage with puzzles might also benefit cognitively in various ways. One of them is that it enables kids to grow in their ability to think and make decisions, both of which are crucial for lifelong success. In addition, children that use puzzles get more self-assurance and tenacity when they see their perseverance pay off and feel accomplished after finishing the task. 

By weighing which piece to place and figuring out which component to use next to assist them one step closer to finishing their puzzle, they educate kids to apply their deductive reasoning skills.

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