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ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-07

₹274.00 ₹499.00 45% off

ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-22

₹274.00 ₹499.00 45% off

ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-15

₹274.00 ₹499.00 45% off

ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-12

₹274.00 ₹499.00 45% off

ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-19

₹274.00 ₹499.00 45% off

ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-17

₹274.00 ₹499.00 45% off

ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-34

₹274.00 ₹499.00 45% off

ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-02

₹274.00 ₹499.00 45% off

ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-23

₹274.00 ₹499.00 45% off

ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-13

₹165.00 ₹499.00 67% off

ARIA Pure Satin Silk Hijab | HZ-08

₹274.00 ₹499.00 45% off

Hijab For Women

Hijab is both a concept and a type of apparel. Hijab is an Arabic word that means "cover" in English, and it refers to the practise of covering one's head or one's face. It has a religious significance since it stands for commitment and faith. For Muslim women, it serves as an additional form of identity. Hijab showcases modesty, privacy, morality, and the veil, all of which are covered in Islamic beliefs. Looking for hijab for girls online? Then you are at the right place. Buy hijab scarf online at Sadar24 from the top brands in India at best prices. Explore a wide range of hijab’s for girls at many different colors such as black, brown, red, yellow, green, golden, blue, maroon, etc. 

Buy Ready To Wear Hijab Online India

When Islam talks about modesty through the "hijab," it's talking about a principle that holds true for both men and women. As a result, people of both sexes are required to dress modestly and "down their look," or refrain from staring at others out of curiosity. When discussing Islamic attire, the headscarf or veil worn by Muslim women is referred to as a "hijab." The square one that covers the head is the most popular. It leaves some of the face exposed. Other Islamic head coverings outside Muslim hijabs include:

  • Niqab: it is a vail just like hjab but it only covers the mouth and nose.
  • Shayla: it is a big rectangular piece of cloth to cover your face resembling a headscarf

Types of Hijab For Girls

Looking to buy latest trendy hijab scarfs online? Then you have landed on the right place. With a large selection of Hijbs for girls, you can choose from a wide range of products available in man different types. Read on to learn the various different types of Hijab available online. 

Simple and traditional Hijab: Women still frequently don the straightforward complete hijab styles with a traditional touch. Black cotton fabric is used to make the hijab, and the edges are crocheted. Women typically use this type of hijab on a regular basis.

Pearl Lace Hijab: For women who want to seem stylish, the pearl lace hijab line is the most popular choice. The hijab is made of chiffon and has an off-white pearl border for a unique appearance. The hijab can also be made more opulent by covering it entirely in pearls rather than using borders.

Floral Style Hijab: The floral hijab comes with a charm on the right side. The simple satin hijab is embellished with a flower charm in on the side and a shinny gem to offer the wearer an exquisite appeal appropriate for casual events.

Pashmina Hijab: One easy way to wear the hijab is with a pashmina. The hijab has a shawl-like appearance and material. The hijab entirely encloses the head, with the other end of the fabric flowing from the neck to the front and including material charms below.

Bridal Hijab: Hijabs for weddings have become increasingly popular. The most up-to-date hijab designs for brides are created from silk and embellished with beautiful borders, colourful stones, and pearls for the best appearance. While the top of the hijab is adorned, the chest and a side section have a basic texture.

Where to find ready to wear hijab online India? 

You can find a huge selection of hijab for girls online on Sadar24. You can choose from different colors and designs that suit you the best. Go through our huge selection and pick the right one for you. We make sure all our products are of top quality. Shop from the top brands in India and get your hands on the best deals and offers

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