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Office Stationery Online

Office Stationery Online

Office Stationery at your doorstep with sadar24

Your office stationery is an essential part of your professional branding and image. It's important to control the use of your stationery, not only to keep costs in check and demonstrate environmental responsibility but also to reduce the risk of possible misunderstandings that could arise, because of unauthorized use of your company's name and logo.

Here are the various components of a typical stationery "wardrobe":

Letterhead: Letterhead is business stationery with your company name and logo printed on the top. In some cases, you may want your top executives and managers to have personalized stationery that also contains their names and titles. Letterhead is used for most formal business communications, as well as for agreements and even contracts.

Memo pads: Since many people now take notes on their computers or tablets, memo pads with the company logo are not used as often as they once had been. Still, some offices like to keep them around for internal and informal use by employees.

Sticky notes: Sticky notes have an abundance of uses in the workplace, including communications between employees, and for providing additional greetings and information in mailed correspondence.

Business cards: Of all the different types of Office Stationery Online, business cards are still the most commonly used. Every employee should be provided with a supply of business cards as part of the on-boarding process.

Envelopes: Your stationery should include envelopes in different sizes, all printed with your company name, address and logo.

Labels: Larger mailing labels with your company name and logo can be affixed to larger boxes and envelopes.

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