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Most Trendy Different Types of Jeans for Women

Most Trendy Different Types of Jeans for Women

Jeans! Any look, Any outfit, Any attire can be matched with a good pair of jeans. 

A wardrobe without some sexy jeans is just unheard of. We all need and have that one pair of jeans that we wear almost everywhere, it fits us so well and looks so awesome! We match it with all our tops and jackets. It is truly our saviour. When it comes to fashion brain freeze jeans are always the ones that come to our rescue. 

As much as we love to bring out that one pair of black jeans from our closet that fits us the best, there are so many different types of jeans for women available in the market; we can create really unique and trendy outfits with them. 

Wouldn’t you want to try out all these varieties? 

Different Types of Jeans for Women

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Here are the different types of jeans for women: 

Skinny Jeans

These types of jeans are probably the most popular amount women. As the name implies, skinny jeans tightly hug or skin. They are extremely versatile as they go well with almost anything. These jeans are tight-fitted and not too relaxing. Women usually wear them when they wish to look nice and sexy. These jeans are the perfect option if you love to show off your figure!

Boyfriend’s Jeans

Boyfriend’s jeans don’t mean you go to your boyfriend’s closet and pick out one of his jeans. These types of jeans are baggy and loose-fitting. They look bigger on women like we are wearing our boyfriend’s jeans thus the name. As you know baggy and loose-fitting is the trend now. People prefer comfort more and know how to convert it to style. So boyfriend jeans are a great choice!

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are an old style that used to be very popular back in the day. They have made a comeback in the millennium because of their comfort and style. They are wider at the bottom. They can be worn on any type of body figure. Bootcut jeans make your height look higher and when paired with some sexy heels they look even hotter! 

Straight Jeans 

Straight-cut jeans are the type which has a straight cut up and down through the entire pants. These are well suited to wear to work because of the classy look they offer. These jeans don’t cover the ankles and stop right above them. Straight-cut jeans are also known as cigarette jeans. They are very flattering to your body figure. 

Low-Rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans as the name implies are lower on your waist. They are fitted just below your belly button. These look beautiful on women who love to show off their waistlines. Low-rise jeans have become very popular these days. They look great with t-shirts and tops. You can also pair them with cropped jackets. 

High Waist Jeans

To be honest, what’s sexier than a light blue shade of denim high-waist jeans? High-waist jeans go up to the higher part of the waist. These types of jeans look so awesome with crop tops and crop jackets. Pair them with a smart black coloured leather jacket which is also cropped and looks fabulous. Style with some sunglasses and boots. Buy these jeans to show off that sexy figure.

Flare Jeans

For a vintage look, flare jeans are back! These jeans are wider at the bottom of your legs. They give a similar look to bootcut jeans. Women wear these jeans to create unique styles and look as they offer a style that is different from the usual. They are tight-fitted above the knees and wider below. 


Jeggings bring comfort to style. Jeggings are basically leggings which look like jeans. From just looking, you can’t tell the difference between a jegging and a jean. So, you get the comfort of a legging and the look f sexy jeans. They are very stretchable and can be worn when you need to be active or physical. These jeans also have designs to resemble pockets and chains to look more like a jean. 

Ripped Jeans

Gone are the times when ripped jeans meant they need to be thrown out. Ripped jeans are days! Jeans are ripped around the knees, around the thighs or the lower legs. They look extremely stylish and hip! They are the most popular among youngsters these days. These types of jeans can be worn to casual events or parties. 

Now that we have provided you with various types of trendy jeans for women, you can begin your shopping. Try creating different types of looks and outfits by pairing them with jeans. Every pair of jeans can be used for a different purpose. Pick out the ones that suit your needs and body type. If you are ready to shop, try out our wide selection of jeans for women and get your hands on exciting huge discounts and coupons! 

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