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How Toys Boost Curiosity in Kids?

How Toys Boost Curiosity in Kids?

Curiosity is something that fuels discovery, inquiry and learning. It is the origin of knowledge and one of the most important traits a kid can possess. It is a characteristic that boons over time. It’s the sole reason why the inquisitive minds that answers questions like “Why is the sky blue?” and “Where does water come from?” grow up to be thinkers, leaders and inspirations who ask more profound questions that lead to ground breaking discoveries. 


Hence as a parent, it becomes your responsibility to indulge and boost the curiosity of their minds. Fortunately, kids are not all about asking questions; they love learning new things beyond their daily routine. You can build on this quality of your kids by encouraging them to learn through play.


Educational Toys –> Playful Learning!


Educational toys are special toys designed to be fun and entertaining while compelling a kid to involve their mind in it. Such toys enable them to exercise various parts of their brain, enriching their personality with lifelong skills. Educational toys are the necessary prescription of play that every kid must have.


How Can Educational Toys Help?


We are well aware that a kid’s learning process begins at home. They learn essential life skills by watching around and imitating their elders. However, they need to acquire additional traits like curiosity, creative thinking and problem solving as well. Hence, the incorporation of educational toys into their lifestyle might prove helpful as it boosts curiosity and adds to their overall development.


A few areas in which educational toys help are:


IQ level


IQ level is perhaps the most known way of assessing somebody’s intelligence. Factually, certain practices are capable of boosting IQ levels if done right in the childhood. For example, educational toys work similarly as they encourage memorization of colours, identification skills, motor skills and understanding cause and effect relation. As a kid starts developing these skills, their IQ level eventually increases.


Develop a problem-solving mindset


A problem-solving mindset is key to thrive in several segments of life. It allows one to deal with and resolve a problem without getting overwhelmed. Educational toys allow kids to foster a problem-solving mindset to help them understand the functioning playfully. 


Gain social intelligence


Toys are one of the first few things a kid interacts with. They usually learn to treat others by playing with toys and learning to treat them righteously. Along with that, a lot of other social skills also stem from playing with toys. For example, playing with puzzles enables them to solve a problem efficiently. In addition, playing with a stuffed toy instill feelings of care and empathy in them. Throughout the play session, kids learn multiple things that are intrinsic to social intelligence and can’t be taught by books.


A Few Must-haves Education Toys


Wooden Sewing Lace-up


A Wooden Sewing Lace-up is a fantastic educational toy that can significantly enhance a kid’s concentration. It has a number of holes and a thread. The challenge is to pass the thread through the same holes it came in to release the thread. This brilliantly designed toy may help in improving your kid’s hand-eye coordination and aptitude. 


Wooden Educational Puzzle Board


Puzzles are always a good idea. This durable, unbreakable and easy-to-handle wooden puzzle board is no exception. The colourful patterns of a puzzle board provide a contrasting stimulus to a kid’s mind and help develop visual senses. Moreover, kids may learn to memorize the names of several things through these puzzles.  


Wooden Beads Pattern Box


This Wooden Beads and Pattern Box would be the perfect gift for your kid as it is not only engaging but an excellent game for learning sequencing, logic, grip and placement. It’s a multi-level game packed with a lot of fun. Moreover, it will be a great bonding exercise for you and your kid. 


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