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How To Use Hair Straighteners At Home The Right Way? - A Complete Guide!

How To Use Hair Straighteners At Home The Right Way? - A Complete Guide!

Thank god for hair straighteners! Right? Every woman can feel this. Straight hair is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known hairdo. They not only complement a variety of clothes and seem elegant and sophisticated, but they also come to our rescue when we're having a bad hair day. Unwanted frizzy hair can be fixed with just one slide of a hair-straightening machine. Additionally, straightening your hair provides them with the glossy finish and smooth appearance that you so dearly want. 

I’m sure you’d like to wear this haircut more frequently because you adore it so much. But going to the salon over and over while paying a lot of money each time? Finding extra time in your daily routine to get your hair done professionally? All this doesn’t seem like something you are interested in? 

There comes the need to invest in a good hair straightening machine to style your hair smooth and straight at home! 

Here in this blog, we will give you clear step-by-step instructions on how to use hair straighteners at home. Whether you are a novice or have done this before, you can refer to our tips on how to straighten your hair the right way to get long-lasting shiny beautiful straight hair at home. 

But first, let’s address an important question; Are hair straighteners good for hair? Do they cause a lot of damage? 

Are Hair Straighteners Good For Hair? 

When you straighten your hair using a hair straightening machine, they look shiny and damage-free. It hides your fizzy hair and makes your dry hair look silky and shiny. But naturally, does hair health improve or do they get more damaged? 

Hair straightening machines use a lot of heat to straighten our hair and that heat can be damaging if used quite frequently. That is why it is recommended not to use straighteners too often. It is best to use this machine on special occasions and events. But if you are someone that really likes straightening your hair regularly then all you need is the right heat-protecting products and you are good to go. Buy a heat protectant spray or serum to get started.

Also if you follow our instructions carefully, you will know how to protect your hair from excessive heat.  Check out Sadar24’s wide range of hair care products to start your hair care journey now!

What Are The Products You Need To Straighten Your Hair At Home? 

  • A good moisturizing shampoo

  • Conditioner 

  • Hair comb and clutches/hair ties

  • Heat protectant spray or serum

  • Hair straightening machine

  • Setting spray

How To Use Hair Straighteners At Home? 

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to use a hair straightener at home:

Step 1: Shampoo & Condition

The first step in straightening your hair is always washing them with a good moisturizing shampoo. Never use the machine on greasy hair. Make sure you clean your hair first. A moisturizing shampoo is a step to take care of your hair health as you will be applying heat on them further on. Use a conditioner for smooth hair. 

Buy Shampoo & Conditioners at Sadar24! 

Step 2: Dry Your Hair 

You can only start using the hair straightener after your hair is completely dry. Do not use a straightener on wet hair as it will damage your hair and not work properly. It can also electrocute you. You can buy a hair dryer machine or let your hair naturally dry. 

Step 3: Detangle!

This is a step a lot of women miss because they feel lazy. This causes a lot of hair breaking later. Take a comb and detangle your hair properly. This will help the straightening process and prevent hair breakage. When combing your hair be gentle. Use light strokes. 

Step 4: Protection From Heat

This is another step that most people omit but perhaps the most important. If you don’t want damaged hair that breaks every time you comb, then you need a heat protectant spray or a heat protectant serum. Hair straightener will cause a lot of heat on your hair which can be damaging. You need to prep your hair right so you can keep straightening your hair regularly. 

Take a few drops of the serum and run it through your hair. Or if using the spray, keep it 40-50 cm away from hair and spray all around. Do not go near the root as it will make your hair greasy. Comb your hair to make sure the product gets around everywhere. 

Step 5: Dividing Into Sections Now that your hair is set and protected, it is time to plug in the machine and let it heat up. If you have multiple heat settings in your machine then try using the low or medium one if you have wavy hair. For big curly hair, you will need a high heat setting. 

Make use of hair clutches and hair ties to divide your hair into separate sections. This will make hair straightening much easier and more effective. Divide your top hair, middle hair and bottom hair into sections. 

Step 6: Use The Machine

Now grab one section of hair at a time and stroke through it 3 times. Keep repeating until all the sections are done. Make sure you do not go close to the scalp to avoid damage and oily hair. You can use a comb while using the hair straightening machine for better results.  

Don’t overdo it! 2-3 times per section should be enough for straight hair. Overdoing can cause damage. 

The last thing you can do after straightening your hair is to use a setting spray. A setting spray can keep your hair straight for up to 72 hours. Otherwise, the hair might go wavy or curly again quite quickly. Especially when attending an event use a setting spray. It can be used similarly to the heat protectant spray. 

Now that you know how to use hair straightener at home by yourself. You can start shopping for all the different types of hair straighteners at Sadar24! We have a huge variety at the best prices! You can shop for other hair care products and necessities as well. Have fun shopping! 

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