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Don't Forget These Things While Shopping for Bedsheets

Don't Forget These Things While Shopping for Bedsheets

In modern homes, a bedsheet is just not limited to the function of covering a bed; it plays a crucial role in largely defining a bedroom’s feel and aesthetics. A bedsheet is the first thing that gets noticed as soon as you enter a bedroom, while some of us might experiment with contrasting colours, others may prefer keeping the colour tones light which is not too sharp for the eyes.

Read on further to know some incredible and valuable tips to assist you in your next bedsheet shopping.

·       Measure it all.

In India, the beds come in varied sizes like twin, king or queen and the standard measurement for beds differ as per one’s needs & preferences. It is imperative to check the bed’s dimensions from all sides to buy the mattress to fit your bed perfectly.

The most common bedsheet size is the Queen size. It’s a double bedsheet for a mattress to be placed on a double bed which measures about 90 inches (length) x 100 inches (width). Always take the right measurements of the space you are planning to cover under the sheets.

·      Décor of your room.

The bed is inevitably the centre of every bedroom. Look around and acknowledge your whole room’s needs and looks. If your room has vibrant colours or bold patterns, you should choose a subtle bedsheet to create a balance and vice versa. For instance – if your room has abundant calm colours then you should go for bright and pattern-heavybedsheets to give that extra oomph to your bedroom. However, if you prefer subtlety throughout, then you can go for a single colour bedsheet.

·      For adults or kids?

Apart from geometric or floral patterns, we invariably have the option to go design or theme-specific. If adorning a kid’s room you could choose designs related to your kid’s favourite toy or movie. For example – you can choose bedsheet patterns based on Frozen or Superman movie or Disney cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck and many such available patterns. On the other hand, if choosing a pattern for an adult’s bedroom then you could go for subtle pastel colours with either stripe or check patterns. If you want the bedroom to look plush then you could choose embroidered bedsheets or a bed cover set clubbed with decorative cushions made of Silk or Satin fabric.

·      Material and fabric of the bedsheet.

In India where the weather is mostly humid & warm, bedsheets made out of cotton fabric are the most preferred choice as they are soft to touch, easily washable and absorbs sweat quickly. Whereas predominantly many of us prefer to switch to Silk or Velvet bedsheets in winters as these fabrics insulate heat to keep us warm in deep slumber.

·      Mattress – Fluffy or Firm? 

A lot of people prefer a thick fluffy mattress whereas some prefer to sleep on a firm mattress mainly an orthopaedic mattress. This choice varies with age, health conditions and often with preferences. When a mattress is firm and thin, ordinarily a bedsheet is chosen a few inches bigger than the mattress for it to fit the mattress perfectly. However, in the case of a thick fluffy mattress, a bigger size bedsheet should be chosen for it to be tucked perfectly beneath the mattress.

·      Accessorize your bed.

Choosing a bedsheet & cushion cover combo of a similar design and pattern gives your bedroom an exemplary makeover that is less expensive. Also, using embroidery-heavy bedsheets with zari or lace borders as bed covers to match with other décor elements in your bedroom is considered a viable option. The creative possibilities are endless when we talk about bedsheets.

A bedsheet would always add more character to a bedroom, irrespective of size and shape. Explore the extensive collection of decorative items including diverse options of furnishings at Sadar24 App or Website.

Give your homely abode a new touch today!

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