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Best Mini Portable Speaker for Your Travel Fun

Best Mini Portable Speaker for Your Travel Fun

Travel is relaxing and top it with music, it becomes rejuvenating that soothes your mind, body & soul. A portable Bluetooth speaker is a perfect option when you’re travelling. Also, they are suitable for all kinds of situations, be it a house party, relaxing at home or a Road trip. They are considered to be as the go-to sound solution for music lovers as they are portable and who would want to take their favourite tunes with them wherever they go.

However, before buying a Portable speaker for your travel fun, here are a few things to keep in mind to assist you to make an informed decision.

Features to Look for When Purchasing a Portable Speaker

If you want your choice of music to impress your pals wherever you are, consider the following when choosing a portable Bluetooth speaker:

·      Size and Weight: It defeats the very purpose of a portable Bluetooth speaker if it is too big and bulky to fit in your luggage. The sole idea you may have when choosing a portable Bluetooth speaker is because of its lightweight and compact built.

·      Battery Life: Travelling is fun, but it’s uncertain in duration. You probably wouldn’t want to spoil the fun with a speaker stops working in the middle of nowhere. It is considered good to choose a Bluetooth speaker that offers a decent battery life paired with reasonably short charging times.

·      Waterproof and Dust-Proof: You’d probably not drop your speaker in a pool intentionally, however, accidents can happen, you should choose splash-proof or water-proof speakers to protect it against such sudden accidents.

·      Performance Quality and Volume: Sound quality is what pleases our ears. Look for crucial indicators like output between 5-20 watts, a wide frequency Hz measurement for a fuller sound and low impedance for strong bass.

·      Added-Features: Who doesn’t love a little extra?
Aux-cable connectivity, built-in microphone, FM Radio, SD card slot and many more features like this.

If you’re planning for a trip and want to bring the best portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that’s compact, here are our best recommendations. Whether you're looking for Range, Quality, Bass or Waterproofing, we've got something for everyone on our list and they're all reasonably priced to help you save money.


1)     A10 Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Mic and Reflective LED

Colour: Black

Wattage: 3 Watt

Speaker Connectivity: Wireless

Power Source: ‎Battery Powered

Dimensions: 10.2 x 5.1 x 15.2 cm

Playback: 10 Meters Operating Range

RMS Power Range: Amplifiers-3 Watts

Special Features: Radio, SD Card & Built-in Microphone

Small size A10 Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker with reflective LED is your perfect travel buddy. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Aux Support, Micro SD Card Reader, Auto-scan FM radio and Built-in microphone allows you to answer calls without skipping a beat. Metal body with Top Firing 3 Watt RMS speaker emanates dynamic sound effect with crystal clear sound.


2)     S-208 Portable Wireless Bass Sound Bluetooth Speaker

Colour: Multicolour

Speaker Connectivity: Wireless

Speaker Type: Built-In

Included Components: USB Cable

Power Source: ‎Rechargeable Battery

Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 11 cm

Playback: 10 Meters Operating Range

Special Feature: TF/MicroSD, USB Drive, FM Radio, MP3/4 Player, USB Card Slot & Built-In Microphone

Small in size & BIG on quality. The S-208 Portable Wireless Bass Sound Bluetooth Speaker comes in a compact design, very lightweight, sleek and small to fit in your bag or purse when travelling. The speaker comes with a powerful rechargeable battery and also with an advanced noise cancellation feature, it has a hands-free Calling & Conference option. With Bluetooth 2.1 output function, it is compatible with laptops, MP3/4 devices, TF/USB flash drives, mobiles/smartphones or any audio device that has Bluetooth functionality or has a 3.5 mm jack input. 


3)     3W LED Touch Lamp Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Colour: White 

Wattage: 3 Watts

Speaker Connectivity: Wireless

Power Source: Battery Powered

Light Source Type: LED

Mounting Type: Tabletop

Weight: 200 gm

Special Feature: TF/MicroSD, USB Card Slot & Built-In Microphone

Multifunction wireless music speakers with smart touch LED Lamp is perfect for camping and outdoor stays. Warm Light with 3 levels of brightness and colourful Change modes in seven dynamic colours give the most soothing audio experience. An easy control touch lamp with a metal handle is useful for ambient lighting in bedrooms or outdoor, can also be used as a sleeping-aid nightlight for kids and a night light for camping. It also has a built-in hands-free microphone for you to answer the calls freely. Long term rechargeable battery lets you enjoy your musical vibe for longer durations.


4)     Flame Environment Bluetooth Speaker Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Colour: Black

Wattage: 5 Watts

Speaker Connectivity: Wireless

Light Source Type: LED Flame Lamp

Power Source: ‎Rechargeable Battery

Playback: 10 Meters Operating Range

Special Feature: Waterproof, TF/MicroSD, USB Drive, FM Radio, MP3/4 Player, USB Card Slot & Built-In Microphone

This LED flame speaker lamp flickers warm yellow lights, forming a stunning flame to create a soothing atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. Portable that is small in size and lightweight, convenient to drop in your picnic bag, hand luggage or even your handbag. Your perfect outdoor companion for days at the beach, evenings by a bonfire and picnics in the park which effortlessly connects to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices in the 10M range. Enjoy nonstop hours of your favourite music with built-in 5W audio drivers offering full high-definition stereo sound with impressive volume.


5)     Charge 2 Plus Bluetooth Speaker High Bass 3D Stereo Sound 

Colour: Multicolour

Wattage: 15 Watts

Speaker Connectivity: Wireless

Power Source: ‎Rechargeable Battery

Audio Output Mode: Stereo

Playback: 10M Operating Range

Dimensions: 7.55cm x 7.55cm x 16.16cm

Special Feature: Splash proof, Subwoofer, SD Card, USB Drive, FM Radio & Built-In Microphone

Portable size, easy to carry, classic black design, this waterproof speaker is wear & tear-resistant. Its fine mesh and innovative fabric make the speaker durable & it can run for 2-4 hours of playtime on a single full charge.


Every one of the speakers on the list will impress your musical ears and travelling vibe. Low power consumption, convenient portability, devoid of cumbersome cables, easy installation and perfect for outdoor use – Mini portable speakers' collection at Sadar24 has all that you need and wish for. If you’re interested in some additional travel tech to up your game, check out Sadar24 for more amazing categories. 

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