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5 Decorative Ideas for Your Home

5 Decorative Ideas for Your Home

Coming home after a long trip, the soul is rejuvenated and spirits are at an all-time high. As soon you enter your lovely home, sit on your cozy sofa with feet on the coffee table and the very next instant you sleep. That’s home!

Life may seem like a rollercoaster always but home is where the heart is, your long trip gave your body the required change. Now it's time to give something to your home. As the world is opening and we are leaving behind the pandemic. Here are some super amazing ways you can redesign your home.

     Fair it fairly.

Fairy lights are a forever love, the sparkle and possibility to shape them into anything. 

The idea of some fairy lights placed on your room walls, sounds cool? Wait till you turn off the other lights; perfect to dive into deep thoughts. If you add multiple fairy lights with fluctuating colours. It's a party in the room. 

Make sure to hang one near the window to give you a cozy spot for those after-2am thoughts. If your power sockets are already occupied or far from the window, a USB powered string fairy light comes in very handy which can either be powered from a power bank or by simply connecting it to your laptop curled up in a shape per your liking.

     Frame; Captured and Stored? Nope!

Your trip was fun but what’s next? 

Some posts on Instagram and then from next year some throwback posts. It sounds cliched but we’ve got you. Our Magic Mirror Photo Frame is perfect for your favourite pictures to create your own fairy tale. There's also a bedside mirror that comes with this Photo Frame to assist you to apply your night cream without missing a spot. When plugged into power, the same mirror turns into a beautiful photo frame. Choose any picture for your frame, it can be of your family, friends or of your latest trip or something that you are passionate about or any of your favourite quotes. 

     Calmness Corner

Once in a while, we all prefer to be left alone in a calm serene corner to collect our thoughts or to take some time off of our hectic daily schedule. Choosing a corner farthest from the road in your home which could be near a window allows you to either perform your daily morning prayers or just read your favourite novel in the late night in peace. At the centre you could place a religious idol statue for your prayers and an electric Diya; its compact size makes it perfect to use anywhere.

Give your corner, a fragrance touch with an oil diffuser which can also be used for aromatherapies. An option to place an incense stick statue is also considered good as its slow dripping smoke allows you to take you to a calmer place. 

     Entertainment cum bedroom.

The bed is the centre space in our homes. Nowadays we prefer to do everything on the bed from pillow fights, poker nights to a movie marathon. However, it is not considered healthy to sit on the bed for long hours without lumbar support.

Adding a comfortable bean bag to your room will give you options to sit. It is lightweight which makes it portable. You can put your bean bag in front of your TV and stretch your legs and get ready for binge-watching your favourite shows like never before. 

     Moon is always around.

Late-night reading or office work is incomplete without good lighting; the one which isn’t harsh on your eyes and soothes your mood as well. To keep you going through the night, our moon lamp is to go for. You can simply tap the moon to switch it on/off and to change colours as well. It is made out of eco-friendly materials and can run on USB power.

All of us want to decorate our home and in such a way that if pictures are clicked, those should be Instagram-worthy. However, the thought of putting in all the effort and money into it can be extremely overwhelming. Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution. It’s time for you to check out Sadar24. Our products won’t feel heavy on your pocket. Explore our extensive budget-friendly decorative collection. Download the Sadar24 App from your smartphone's play store or visit the website to shop.

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