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17 Different Types of Sarees and Names That Every Women Should Know About

17 Different Types of Sarees and Names That Every Women Should Know About

Sarees are part of Indian fashion and culture. These are the traditional garments that women in India wear. There are many types of Sarees, according to the fabric used, state & country of use, region and popularity. The diversity available in the range of designs is amazing and so is the variety you can find online. If you are looking for an ethnic design, then Indian sarees with embroidery works on Sadar24 can be the best option for you. If you are looking to create a unique look then you can browse for a beautiful banarsi saree.

There are numerous options available when it comes to different types of sarees. Sarees are worn by women in their households as traditional garments. Now they are more popular at weddings, festivals, parties and other special occasions.

In this blog we are providing you with 17 different types of sarees with names, classifying them according to the fabric used and the different states they belong to. 

Different Types of Sarees According to Fabrics

Sarees come in a variety of fabrics. You can buy according to your style and purpose. Here we are mentioning different types of saree fabrics that are the most popular and trending!

1. Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are considered the best option by women as they can be worn in the extreme summer heat and feel the most comfortable. They can withstand excessive heat and help maintain your body temperature. Cotton sarees can be worn casually in daily wear. You can also buy a designer saree for dressier occasions.  

2. Silk Saree

Silk Sarees are always among the most beautiful collection. Their beauty is what allures so many women towards them. Another great thing about silk sarees is that they are available in so many different designs and varieties. These are also the choice of a lot of Indian brides.

3. Georgette Saree

Georgette sarees are the one item that instantly comes to mind when we discuss summer. They are very lightweight. When it comes to comfort and beauty mixed, georgette sarees are a miracle. They can be worn to work or to parties because they are made in plain colours or embroidered.

4. Net Saree

You will find a lot of Bollywood celebrities wearing net sarees to festivals and parties. The net saree looks really gorgeous and is worn mostly at parties or night events. These are preferred by young women. This is one of the most sexy-looking sarees you can try out. 

5. Chiffon Saree

These chiffon sarees are renowned for their sleek and weightless texture and are made from knotted yarns of cotton, silk, nylon, and rayon. These exquisite saree materials are a favourite among many women and are worn by women of all ages.

6. Organza Saree

Beautiful organza sarees are the latest addition to the saree collection and are one of the current trends that have all females falling in love with them. Although they are much lighter than chiffon or crepe sarees, they do differ slightly from those fabrics. Their base has a rough texture, which is invariably covered in neat hand-painted or block-printed floral motifs and patterns.

7. Linen Saree

Linen Saree, perfect for summer, is made from light and soft fabric. Linen fabric is very suitable for hot weather. Line sarees give strong competition to cotton saree. The designs and colours available are countless. These give the best look during daytime occasions. 

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Different Types of Sarees of Different State

Sarees are a proud garment we have in India. There is no other clothing around the world that can resemble a saree. It’s something only found in India and is a gorgeous item. Sarees can be is found in every state of India. There is not just one single version of the saree but many in all the different states. Here we are mentioning different types of saree of different states. 

1. Banarsi Saree - Varanasi

Talking about different types of sarees of different states, Banarsi saree is one the most popular. They originate from the state of Varanasi. The material used is silk. They are available in beautiful patterns and colour combinations. Many Bollywood celebrities style this saree at weddings. Banarsi saree looks best with a bun hairstyle. 

2. Kanjeevaram Saree - Tamil Nadu

Traditional bridal sarees called Kanjeevaram, which originated in Tamil Nadu, are worn on special occasions all across the nation. Kanjeevaram sarees are popular due the the exceptional elegance and class they offer. The material used in creating them is mulberry silk thread. Design of these sarees consists of gold appearance in them which makes it so shiny and graceful. 

3. Nauvari Saree - Maharashtra

Nauvri name is given to this type of saree as the length of this saree is 9 yeards! The "kashta" way of draping Nauvari is highly distinctive and involves tucking the saree's border into the rear. 

4. Bandhani Saree - Gujrat

The well-known tie-and-dye Bandhani patterned saree comes from Gujarat. The bandhani saree, which comes in a variety of hues and patterns, is said to bring a bride good fortune and a bright future. Bandhani sarees are extremely delicate and are preserved throughout time by being stored with great care.

5. Tant Saree - West Bengal

Tant sarees are something different. They bring something unique to the table Elegance is embodied in a Bengali red and white saree. Each and every Bengali woman's closet must include a saree. Tants can be worn in humid weather because they are made of a very breathable fabric.

6. Bombkai Saree - Odisha

These are handloomed sarees originating from odisha. Bombkai saree offers a modern look but contains traditional pattern. Bombkai sarees are made in cotton as well as silk fabric. Cotton can be worn as daily wear and silk are preferred for special occasions. 

7. Chikankari Saree - Lucknow

Chikankari sarees are beautiful, but there is much more to the exquisite designs. These sarees can be used any day, any time, and for any event thanks to the intricate stitching and calming colours. If  you are looking for something versatile then go for a chikankari saree! 

8. Chanderi Saree - Madhya Pradesh

Women loves this saree because of the unique shine it offers, a shine that never fades! This drape would look stunning at any wedding event because to the lovely texture of the handloom weave. The Chanderi Saree can be styled with Kundan jewellery and a straight back hairstyle.

9. Kasavu Saree - Kerela

Kasavu used to be a traditional dhoti, blouse and stole which was popular in the state of Kerela. It evolved into a type of saree later. It is usually worn in white colour. It has golden border which give it a shiny look. You can often see these designs in movies. They look extremely beautiful! 

10. Muga Saree - Assam

Muga saree is made from silk material. It usually has a natural golden tint which offers it a shiny appearance. Very popular in Assam, Muga sarees are preferred in weddings and special events. Mugas can be quite expensive due the the quality of material. It is one of the classics and you should definitely try them! 

This concludes our list of different types of sarees according to different fabrics and states in India. When shopping for a saree, choices are endless. You can find many designs and many colours. Shop according to the occasion. 

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