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15 Types Of Tops For Women! Fashion Guide For Every Girl!

15 Types Of Tops For Women! Fashion Guide For Every Girl!

The most worn thing in our closet? These gorgeous tops that we wear daily. Any woman would agree that tops are the number one clothing item on our lists. We need them every day. No matter how much we shop for them we never have enough. The variety of different types of tops for women is just endless. Not just for daily wear, you can find a gorgeous top for every occasion. There are no limits. If you are curious about how many different types of women’s tops are there in the market? Then we have the list for you! From basic V-Neck T-Shirts to beautiful Camisoles and Corsets, we will mention all. 

15 Types Of Tops For Women

Here is a list of 15 different types of women’s tops. This list contains tops for every type of girl. We will also mention tips on how to best style them. 

Crop Tops

To start off we have the favourite! Crop tops! These are by far the cutest and most mandatory items in every lady’s closet. Crop tops are short-length tops, cut from the upper waist. They show a little of your stomach. There are a lot of different types of tops that can be cropped. A basic crop top is a half-sleeve top cropped above the waist. These look best with high-waisted jeans or even some shorts. They are pretty versatile so you can pair them with almost anything. 

Off-Shoulder & Cold Shoulder Tops

Off-shoulder tops are the ones with bare shoulders. They don’t have any sleeves. They showcase your beautiful neck and shoulders. Cold shoulder tops are almost the same but they have a strap around your neck. So they only show the shoulders. These tops look great with denim jeans and shorts. They are worn in the summer. You can accessorise them with some bracelets or chains. Try wearing cold shoulder tops with white shorts. 

Tank & Cami Tops

Tank tops are the ones with slim straps on your shoulder and a thin plain body. Cami tops are similar looking but are more designer. Tank tops can be used on hot days or even at home when relaxing. Tank tops are best for workouts also. It's very common sportswear. 

Cami tops have gorgeous designs. You can wear them on a special occasion. Pair them with jeans and some high heels for a hot look! 


T-shirts don’t need explanations. They are just simple tops which can be bought in several different neck shapes. You can go for V-neck or U-shape. There are half-sleeves, full-sleeves and ¾ sleeves. T-shirts are simple items you can use them for daily wear, sleepwear, workouts, etc. they are simple items and not appropriate for dressier occasions. 

Sleeveless Tops

Sleeveless as the name implies are tops without any sleeves. They showcase your entire arm. They are generally preferred by women with slim arms. These are summer tops. You can pair them with jeans, skirts or even long skirts. Sleeveless tops also come in button-down fashion. Accessorise with some bangles or bracelets for a cuter look. These are casual tops best for daily wear. 

Corset Tops

Corsets were used by women back in the 16 - 17th century to cinch the waist and bring out a curvy figure. They were used as undergarment and worn underneath the heavy dresses. But now since Netflix occasionally enlightens us with so many shows that feature the history and their amazing garments, corsets have transformed into actual tops. They are colourful and sparkly and designed to bring our your curves distinctively. 


These types of tops for women have a traditional Indian look. They are long and cover up the waist and hips. They also cover some part of your thighs. If you are looking to buy a top that gives an ethenic feel then go for a tunic. Tunic tops can be worn with jeans, leggings, or long skirts. 

Sweatshirt Top

Sweatshirt tops are made of heavier material and sometimes of cotton too. They are long sleeved round neck tops. They are generally made for autum or colder weather but can also be worn in the summer. These tops look really cute when paired with high-waisted jeans or some shorts. You can also wear them on leggings. In winters you can wear them under your jackets or hoodies for an extra layer. 

Cropped Hoodie Tops

You might be wondering what a hoodies top is. It is not actually a hoodies but a top designed in the same style. It has long sleeves, a hood and is cropped at the waist. Yes it is worn in the summer. They give a great style and look. Cropped hoodies are one of the latest trend fashions. Who doesn’t love hoodies? Now you can enjoy them even in the summers.  

Turtleneck Tops

A turtleneck top is a top that has a rolled up collar that cover all or most of the neck. The collar is long and rolled up to the neck. These tops are generally worn in cool whether. If you are looking for something unique and trendy, you can go for a turtleneck top. These look gorgeous on women with long necks. Some turtleneck tops also come in cold shoulder style. Try these out! Piar them with jeans, shorts, skirts or anything. 


Gone are the days when shirts were used as just a formal wear. Shirts are now even worn in parties! You can find them in so many different styles according to different occasions. Shirts look mature and classy. They are chosen by elegant women. You can buy shirts for casual wear and wear them on jeans with open buttons or a formal shirt that comes in plain colors and wear them with pants buttoned up.  Pair a formal shirt with a crop top inside with some jeans to have a stylish hip look! 

Tube Tops

Tube tops are actually like tubes of cloth. They don’t have any sleeves or straps. They are strapless. They are one of the sexiest tops! You can wear them with jeans in summer or spring or pair them with some bomber or lether jockets in the winter. Tube tops also look freak with high-waisted jeans or long skirts. If you have a tattoo on your chest that you want to show off, then you can definitely go for a tube top. 

One Shoulder Tops

These top have are full sleeve on one arm and no sleeves on the other. It keeps one shoulder covered and one bare. These look really pretty and you can wear them to parties and functions. They come in shiny colours and beautiful designs. These are very trendy and something unique. If you are looking for something to wear to the club you are going with friends the buy this top. 

So there you have it – different types of women's tops to consider this season. What can we say? We love a good fashion intervention! 

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