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12 Types Of Women Footwear That You Must Have In Your Closet

12 Types Of Women Footwear That You Must Have In Your Closet

You don't have to be a fashionista or even know anything about fashion to know that there are many different types of women footwear out there. You can always count on the classics like pumps, boots, open-toed shoes, flip-flops and heels just to name a few! But what other types of women footwear are there? And why should you have them in your closet? If this is your first time reading about women footwear then it's time for some information about what these types of shoes are as well as how you can style them with different outfits and occasions.

If you have been searching for the best types of women footwear, we've got you covered. And these aren't just any old shoes. These are high-quality and comfortable women shoes that women can wear anywhere and with any outfit.

Types Of Women Footwear

There's something you need to know about women's footwear — there are so many different designs and styles. The options are endless! But unless you understand what makes a certain shoe great, it can be hard to choose what looks best on you, or even decide if a certain style is right for the moment. That's why we're here to break down 12 of the most popular types of woman footwear and give our suggestions on how to wear them. 

Flat Sandals

Flat sandals as the name implies are flat and do not have a heel. They give a good grip to your foot as they usually come with straps. There are unlimited designs and colours in the market for flat sandals. You can also find slides that do not have straps and are easy to slide in. These are mostly for casual occasions because of the comfort they offer. Women prefer to use them in daily wear. You can browse numerous sandals online, there is a huge variety to choose from. Wear these sandals to work, for a casual day out with friends and family or at your school or college. 


One of the most widely worn shoe trends is the wedge. Every woman owns these beautiful wedge shoes for various events. They are considered to be the footwear of spring and summer. The sole of a wedge shoe is unique since it is comprised of a single piece of rubber that also serves as the heel. Compared to regular high heels, wedge shoes are more relaxing and simpler to walk in. Though they are heels they do not make your feet feel tired and hurt your legs at all. These shoes are for women who love heels but can’t bear the pain. Also if you find walking in heels to be difficult the wedges are your thing! 

Pencil heels

Pencil heels are those which have a very slim heel that resembles a pencil shape. These are perhaps the most popular ones among all the different types of heels in the market. Pencil heels can be a little hard to walk in but with a little practice, you can master it easily. For special occasions like parties, clubs, weddings, or anything you can wear these heels. They will also make your work outfit much more classy and confident looking. Pencil heels can be found in many colours like red, which is the most popular, black, white, yellow, pink and even a mix of colours. Pair these heels with your sexy jeans to achieve a classy look! 

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Ankle Strap Heels These types of woman footwear have a strap at the ankle which gives it a unique look and also offers extra grip since it keeps your foot tied. They look so beautiful and cheek. You can wear them to special events and formal occasions. They look great paired with a saree or suit. They also work well with skirts and summer dresses. Ankle strap heels usually have pencil heels in them. The only major difference between them and pencil heels is the straps. 

Platform heels These shoes have heels like a platform. They are not sharp but easier to step on. If you do not find comfort and long sharp heels that go for platform heels. They look similar to wedges. They are very comfortable and can be used as casual shoes or even for formal occasions. Platforms heels also come with ankle straps. They also are found in a slider style to slide easily in. When it comes to designs they are no limits as you can find so many different options in the market. 

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the most loved footwear in the winter but can also be worn in the summer. They are always in style. They are so versatile almost all outfits will go well with them. These boots help keep your foot warm and cosy in the winter. They are also extremely comfortable and secure. Ankle boots can be as flat boots or heels. When talking about heel ankle boots they are available in pencil heels or block heels as well. Nowadays they are also available in platform heels. You can pair these boots with jeans, skirts, shorts or dresses. They are not however for traditional Indian clothing and are only suited for western styles. 

Thigh-high boots

Thigh high boots as the name clearly imply are boots that extend up to your thighs. They are generally made up of leather. They make your outfit look extra fabulous! These are an item of clothing that is pretty unique and you should definitely try them out once. You can wear them in winter to keep your legs warm. Pairing them with mini dresses is always a good option. Match them up with some cute hobo bags or purses and some classy shades. 

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Loafers usually referred to as slippers, are the most well-liked and regularly used type of slip-on shoe. These formal shoe categories for ladies must be the most comfortable ones.

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Jutis are the traditional Indian types of women footwear. They are worn with Indian clothing such as all the various types of suits and sarees. An Indian Kurti outfit without some traditional juttis is incomplete. Juttis complete the Indian attire so well.  Every woman has a pair of this gorgeous footwear in their closet. You never know when an occasion comes up when you have to wear Kurtis or any other Indian outfit. It is best to be prepared. 


Mules are like half boots. They don’t have a back or constraint around the heel. You can imagine an ankle boot cut it in half. Mules do not go up to the ankles. They only cover the foot. These types of footwear have recently come to trend. They look pretty stylish. You can pair them with western outfits. They look awesome with skirts and jeans. 

Slip-On/Casual Shoes

A casual shoe with a long-lasting material which is comfortable is an item that can be found in everyone’s closet. You cannot live without some casual shoes. We wear them everywhere we go. If you are a tomboy then these are probably your go-to every time. You can buy some casual shoes from the top companies to make sure they last long. You can go for some slip-on which is basically shoes with laces and you can just slide your foot in. 

Athletic shoes

Last but not the least are athletic shoes or sports shoes. You mainly need these shoes for when you need to work out, go to the gym, go running or need to be physically active. You cannot perform these activities in any other of the above-mentioned shoes without hurting your foot or being uncomfortable. Invest in some good running shoes for better performance.

This concludes our list of 12 types of women footwear that you must have in your closet. All of these shoes have different function or look. Purchase according to your own needs and style. Go with the ones that make you feel the comfiest.

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