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12 Different Types of Kurtis That Women Can Style

12 Different Types of Kurtis That Women Can Style

Kurtis is the most popular and well-known Indian clothing for women nowadays. Kurtis is suited to a variety of occasions and is available in a wide range of styles and designs. They are graceful yet effortless. They are readily available in any store or online. Women adore kurtis because of how simple they are to style, how comfortable they are, and how sophisticated they seem.

When it comes to picking out a women’s Kurti for your outfit, there are numerous options available as Kurtis come in so many different styles. From magnificent Anarkali to quirky Angrakha, you can choose one that fits your personality and truly captures your beauty.

In this article, we will talk about the different types of Kurtis that women can style for different occasions. On the chance you wish to buy these Kurtis online, you can go over to the Sadar24 women’s kurti section and browse through a beautiful selection of Kurtis available. 

Types of Kurtis for Women

Here are a few popular and fashionable Kurti types, along with the best ways to wear them:

1. A-Line Kurtis

This Kurti has an A-shaped flare at the waist that extends to the customer's choice of calf, ankle, or knee length. The A-line kurta can be worn for formal events, and festivals, as well as everyday use and casual occasions. Dhoti pants, jeggings, jeans, Patialas, Capris, or churidars can all be worn with Kurti. Young women like to favour purchasing a-line kurtis because of their stunning appeal. These Kurtis are ideal for casual, joyful, professional, everyday wear, and school attire. A-line Kurtis should be styled with stud earrings and kolhapuri.

2. Floor Length Kurti

The majority of women today prefer floor-length Kurtis for wedding and family gathering occasions. Even celebrities and divas choose floor-length Kurtis during main events, parties, family functions, and other similar occasions. You get a royal look from floor-length Kurtis. Angrakha, Anarkali, printed, and other types of Kurtis can be included in this category. They are frequently paired with Jhumkis, bangles, Chandbali earrings, and other ethnic jewelry as accessories. They also match most types of shoes, including heels, flats, wedges, and Kolhapuris.

3. Shirt Kurti

The Shirt Kurti is another example of the blending of western and Indian cultures that has attracted widespread attention. It is a hybrid shirt and Kurti that may be worn in both informal and formal contexts, as the name would imply. It can also occasionally be worn as a dress without any bottom clothing. However, they are typically worn with a variety of bottom garments, such as treggings, jeggings, leggings, jeans, and churidars. They look great when worn to work and create a good first impression during interviews. 

4. Kaftan Kuti

These are contemporary Kurti, a garment that is now fundamental to a woman's wardrobe. Kaftan Kurtis are fashionable and elegant. They are therefore versatile and may be worn on various occasions, but they also offer a cool, laid-back vibe. They can be matched with jeans, jeggings, tights, etc., and are frequently worn as dresses. The ideal jewelry to wear with them is usually a pair of hoops, although sunglasses and a sling purse can also fill in the gaps, as can a wooden kadha. You can also wear heels, flats, and other types of shoes, depending on the occasion.

5. Kurti with Jacket

As the name suggests. These types of kurtis consist of a traditional looking jacket to go along with the outfit. Kurtis' collaboration with a fashionable jacket makes a statement in the contemporary world of fashion. You can have a wealthy appeal that will fascinate everyone by wearing a kurta with an embroidered jacket. You wear one with matching design and color or go for a contrasting look. 

6. Anarkali Kurti

All women appear stunning in anarkali kurtis. The obvious base that complements Anarkali Kurtis is tights, churidars, Patiala, and palazzos. When attending a traditional occasion, wear an Anarkali kurti with jhumkas, jutis, or mojaris. The ideal fusion of grace, elegance, and traditionalism. The nicest thing about an anarkali kurti is that it looks good on any body shape and is appropriate for any event, including formal occasions, business attire, casual wear, and college.

7. Indo-Western Kurtis

These Indo-Western Kurtis, as their name suggests, combine an Indian and Western aesthetic. You can wear an Indo-Western style Kurti to formal events, casual get-togethers, and other situations. Choosing an Indo-western style Kurti is the best option if you want to stand out in the crowd. With a pair of shots, pants, jeans, jeggings, leggings, stockings, etc., these contemporary kurtis can be worn. To further the fusion, a jacket can be worn with the look. Include any and all accessories that look good, such as chokers, costume jewelry, necklaces, multi-strand necklaces, watches, ear cuffs, belts, sunglasses, bags, wallets, slings, and various coloured bracelets or bangles.

8. Angrakha 

This Kurta features two flaps that are either different or identical to one another and are connected together at the side of the chest using straps or dori. Small Latkaan, tassels, or pom-poms are attached to the dori of the Kurta to give it additional glitz. Women now wear the trend on a nearly daily basis in the current world. Leggings or churidars can be worn with the Kurti for terrific business or casual wear.

9. Asymmetric Kurti

Asymmetrical Kurti, as its name suggests, lacks a distinctive style. For this Kurti, the designers are completely free to use any kind of cuts and creating shapes. Bollywood beauties favour this style of Kurti, which is constructed from a light fabric like chiffon, georgette, crepe, etc. They can be worn to festivals, evening parties, casual outings during the day, and kitten parties because they look so stylish and funky.

10. Denim Kurtis

Denim kurtis are traditional style kurtis but they are made from denim cloth. They offer a modern and classy look to women. These types of kurtis are best for occasions where you don’t wish to look very traditional and would prefer to go for modern. You can wear them with leggings, jeggings, jeans, or even as a dress by itself.  

11. Flared Kurtis

The flared Kurtis don't hug the body; rather, they are loose and look fantastic on a tall, slender body type. Kurtis look their best when worn with ankle-length jeans, Patiala, churidars, straight pants, etc. You can choose to wear the flared kurtis with heels, bellies, flats, wedges, or ethnic clothing. Another style of flared kurti is the empire waist kurti, which is more appropriate for formal situations because it fits a little better under the bust and flares up from the waist down. 

12. Color Block Kurti

The ideal Kurti for you if you want to make a bold statement is this one. These are Kurtis with bold, contrasting colour blocks. They can be asymmetrical, A-line, straight, long, or short, among other shapes. They stand out due to the colour combinations. While the Kurti's hues can contrast, they should also complement one another. The Kurti, which is typically worn in the summer, can be layered under a jacket to seem cool and hip. Casual gatherings, college fests, and outings can all be attended while wearing it.

Choose from a wide range of different types of kurti designs. Pick the one that best suits your body type and occasion. If you are ready to start shopping for some beautiful kurti’s online, go over to our women’s kurtis section to choose from a beautiful assortment. 

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