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10 Different Types Of Bags For Women: Know Their Uses!

10 Different Types Of Bags For Women: Know Their Uses!

Only women can understand how important a handbag is. From lip balms for dry lips to hand sanitisers for when we go out for lunch, from emergency makeup to necessary sanitary napkins, from Bluetooth headphones for boring bus rides to magazines for keeping up with the trend, there are so many essentials in a women’s handbag. Even when hungry you can find something to eat in there. 

Unlike men who just stash their keys and wallet in their exceptionally large pant pockets and run out the door, we women like to be prepared. That is probably the reason why there are so many different types of bags for women available in the market! 

Let’s take a look at them! 

Types Of Bags For Women 

Sling Bags

Slings bags are the most popular! They are very easy to carry as they hang around your shoulders by a long sling. You don’t have to worry about losing them since they are tied to your body. They are small or medium-sized and only have room for a few things such as keys, wallets, id cards, glasses or lip balms. You can carry them when you have a few things to take with you or you have a long journey where carrying big heavy bags would be inconvenient. 

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Shoulder Bags 

Just like sling bags these bags also hang but on your shoulders. They are larger in size and let you carry a lot! Shoulder bags are a must! You can carry almost everything in them and the best part is they look so stylish on you. Shoulder bags come in a large variety. You can buy them in leather also for the best quality. Colours and designs also vary a lot. 

Cloth Bags

One of the most casual and simple bags is a cloth bag. These come in handy when going to the market to buy some groceries or going shopping with friends. They have a lot of room and can carry a lot. They look simple and sweet. Women usually love wearing them with pretty dresses and slippers to look casual. You can also take them to the beach. 

Backpack Bag

These remind us of our school bags but they are cute and smaller. If you don’t want to carry around a bag on your shoulders or hands and want to feel free, buy a backpack bag that can rest easy on your back. Take them when going for long road trips or a long day out. 

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Tote Bags

Tote bags are big! You be on the run and throw anything in them. Best for running errands. The material is soft and very lightweight. These bags are less for fashion and more for their functionality. They don’t usually have any compartments in them. You can carry clothes in them. 

Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are a necessity. When going away on weekend trips, long road trips or to the gym, these bags are best! They have a lot of room and are easy to carry. They have enough space to carry your clothes and stuff for two whole days. People love to use them for the gym also as you can carry gym clothes, gloves, water bottles, headphones etc. 

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Clutch bags are the most fashionable and stylish. They are great for an evening event as they are sparkly and shiny. You can take them out on a date night, pair them with a saree for a wedding or when going out to clubs with friends. Carry your lipsticks, kajals, earrings, money or keys in them. You can also fit a mobile phone in them. 

Hobo Bags

Hobo bags are the most trendy. There are often seen carried by celebrities and fashionistas. They look extremely stylish and cool. Made with soft material that is stretchable and shaped in a slouched manner in a crescent shape. You carry them on your shoulders. They have many compartments and zips to separate your stuff. Fashionable and functional, you can shop for the now! 

Fany Packs

Fany packs are tied around the waist. They are small in size and let you carry some essentials. People love them because of how functional they are and easy to carry around. You have your essentials within reach and take them out when needed. You can take them on a trek or carry them around on a trip. They are very useful and very trendy these days. 


Wallets are best to carry your money in. They have separate compartments for money, your cards and other smaller essentials. You can buy one with a clutch or a zipper. All of your cards can be kept and carried safely. It is very easy to bring your money out whenever needed. Wallets are essential and every woman should have one. 

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